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Cooperation for the Asseco Medical Cloud Backup


Asseco Poland, number one provider of state-of-the-art IT solutions in Central and Eastern Europe, has one of our products in their offer. In the process, we became an operator of the

Asseco Medical Cloud Backup service

Asseco Medical Cloud Backup

Safe backup of the critical data for the medical sector

Depending on needs, choose the licence which will meet your requirements and we will ensure the relevant data protection. Thanks to the encryption, you can be sure, that only you have access to your data. Storing the copy on the server, you do not have to depend on the equipment’s reliability and in case of problems you can restore the data from the backup copy. Asseco Medical Cloud Backup will also ensure you that your copy is made according to a set schedule.

How is it working?


Asseco MCB does backups of databases


Asseco MCB encrypts backups


Asseco MCB safely stores backups


Asseco MCB gives you the opportunity to recover backup in case of a failure

Additional benefits

Asseco Medical Cloud Backup is not only a safety at the highest level, it also allows you to manage your time efficiently. Thanks to additional functionalities, you have a full control over the service and, most importantly, they are available in every licence.

Reporting service

receive information about the status of a copy via email


make copies according to a planned schedule or on demand

User's account

log in to your account to manage Asseco MCB service

Rotating copies

according to the scheme
the last 7 days,
last 52 weeks

Responsive Flip Pricing Table

Choose a license

The offer includes three types of licenses with option to purchase for a year, two or three years. License for hospitals offers comprehensive protection for hospital database. Administration license is dedicated for administration database, laboratory license is a protection for laboratories.

    • Admnistrative

      PLN 1999 Year
      • Data encryption
      • Support database to the size 2T
      • Technical assistance
    • Hospital

      PLN 7499 Year
      • Data encryption
      • Support database to the size 2T
      • Technical assistance
    • Laboratory

      PLN 1999 Year
      • Data encryption
      • Support database to the size 2T
      • Technical assistance

More information can be found in the rules, you can also contact with us.

Technology we use

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